Moistureplenish Conditioner

Moistureplenish Conditioner

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A moisturizing and detangling conditioner.

pH 4.6

Key Benefits:

• Softens and detangles the hair

• Improves tensile strength
• Smooths the cuticle and reduces frizz
• Protects the hair from environmental, heat and mechanical damage
• Rich in EFA’s, vitamins and nutrients to improve the look, feel and
performance of the hair.

Key Ingredients:
Glycerin- natural humectant; brings moisture in and retains it; provides a
barrier to keep moisture locked in.
Olive Oil- improves elasticity; produces shine; protects and coats the hair
strand; smooths the cuticle layer; treats compromised hair; reduces
breakage; rich in EFA’s, vitamins and nutrients.
Shea and Cocoa Butter- softens hair; restores moisture to the hair and
scalp; tames frizziness; protects the hair from UV rays and heat; rich in
EFA’s, antioxidants and nutrients; creates great slip
Hydrolyzed Silk Protein- improves hair elasticity, resiliency and shine;
protects the hair strand; locks moisture into the hair; improves tensile
Argan Oil- natural hair moisturizer; minimizes frizz; prevents dryness;
nourishes the hair; treats and repairs compromised hair