Curl ID Essential Growth Oil

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A multipurpose skin, hair, scalp and body oil

Key Benefits:
• Promotes hair growth
• Deeply nourishes the hair and skin deep within
• Fights hair loss
• Softens and moisturizes the hair and skin
• Strengthens the hair
• Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits
• Rich in vitamins and minerals
• Protects the hair and skin from UV rays and heat

Key Ingredients:
Olive oil- improves elasticity; produces shine; protects and coats the hair
strand; smooths the cuticle layer; treats compromised hair; reduces
breakage; rich in EFA’s, vitamins and nutrients.
Sweet Almond oil- adds shine to dull, dry hair; moisturizes; rich in vitamin
A, B, C and E; Rich in EFA’s, proteins and minerals; protects the hair from
UV rays and heat; controls hair loss; promotes hair growth
Sesame oil-promotes softness; antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
benefits; strengthens hair from the roots; deeply nourishes the hair and
skin from deep within; promotes hair growth; maintains a healthy scalp;
rich in vitamin E, B Complex, Magnesium, Calcium, proteins and Copper
Avocado oil- moisturizes dry, brittle damaged hair; promotes hair growth;
fights free radicals; rich in vitamins and amino acids
Castor oil- moisturizes the hair and scalp; prevents hair damage; promotes
hair growth